Easter Weekend Recap - with BIG HATS
I need some cheering up...

Getting ready for BUST!

In getting ready for the Bust Spring Craftacular this weekend, Judy from JSWMetalworks & I thought it would be a good idea to meet ahead of time to kind of map out how our set up would be. We're both jewelry sellers but we have different styles so hopefully between the two of us, we can cover a wide range of tastes. She came by a couple of weeks ago and worked it out.


Hmm, looks like there's a ghost in my apartment. Anyway, most of these awesome displays are hers. She does a lot more shows than I do. I'm so glad she's doing this with me. In the past I've wanted to share with other sellers but Jewelry folks are weird, they don't want to share with other jewelry people and I totally understand that but I also don't see anything wrong with sharing if you have different styles. Thankfully Judy is not a weird Jewelry person. :) I know I had my gripes in the past about this show and it's location but I'm willing to give this another shot since I'm kind of saving on the vendor fee.  Really looking forward to it.  Just got our booth assignment too. I just hope this spot is better than where I was last year.


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