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Congratulations Celeste! That Cat Butt helped you win 10 great prizes! I hope you enjoy them all and share them on your blog Crazy Beautiful Unique. I know I originally said I would annouce the winner on March 1st but I just couldn't wait any longer. Speaking of giveaways, I am participating in another giveaway over at After Nine To Five. There is still time to enter. I'm giving away a single red pearl coat necklace. Read more →

On a serious earring-making kick lately. Personally, that is the one piece of jewelry I can't leave the home without. Necklaces are ok but I need to wear earrings or else I feel like I look like a man ha ha! I'm using the last of my Tagua beads for the bottom two pairs of earrings. I've had them since I first started making jewelry and then I stopped, I don't know why I do things like that. Anyway, I... Read more →

My inbox has a lot of pretty stuff coming up for the Spring, like Ruche's latest lookbook for Spring 2012, Enchantment (click images for larger view) Ever since I cancelled getting the Anthropologie catalog, I'm pretty happy to spend time staring at these photos (I actually think it's styled nicer!) I must confess that as beautiful as these outfits out, the lighter pastel colors scare me. I don't know if I can pull off an entire soft, pastel outfit -... Read more →

This week's tutorial came from the lovely folks at Photojojo. They show us how to make a Scarf Camera Strap using a silk scarf. You know those straps can get pretty uncomfortable after having them on for a while, a little rough around the neck. This would make a great and more skin-friendly alternative. How to Make a Scarf Camera Strap The tutorial even shares some interesting facts about silk and it's uses throughout history (thanks to Mythbusters). Read more →

I had a three day weekend and what happens? I catch a cold that pretty much kicked my butt. I spent most of the weekend laying on the couch blowing my nose. Go figure. I was hardly on the computer most of the weekend and my shop update was delayed a little. I just could not engage my brain in anything. So here's what's new... New earrings added to Etsy, Last Mermaid SOLD & Sweet Jade. The Jade earrings hang... Read more →

Did you do anything for Valentine's Day? As much as I enjoy the decorations (like for Halloween & Christmas). Mike & I don't really make that big of a deal of the day. Not that we're super romantic and every day is Valentine's Day (ha!), we're just not too smoochy smoochy about it. However we both have a sweet tooth and we'll use any excuse to eat candy, cake, ice cream. I use to make a cake for Valentine's Day... Read more →

I am so excited to bring you my first BIG giveaway! I've had giveaways before but this is my first group giveaway. Even if you don't win the prizes below, that's ok because you can still take advantage of the discounts they are currently offering in their shops. One lucky person will win ALL TEN of the following! 1) A pair of ivory flower earrings from Little White Chapel. Dainty and cute for wearing with any springtime outfit. LWC is... Read more →

Yesterday's photo for February Photo A Day was "Inside Your Closet". For a minute I thought that maybe I should straighten it up a little. Try to make my closet look pretty like out of an issue of Real Simple Magazine or something. But then I said "Screw it!". I love having a walk in closet but it's so cluttered that there's really not much room to move around in. I still try to keep it all sorted by color... Read more →