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More New Items!

It's a bonus shop update! With me having an extra day off from work yesterday due to the hurricane fix up the area is going through, it allowed me to post a couple more items to the shops after I posted here yesterday. Click images to take you to item listings on Etsy.  Autumn is definitely on the brain. :) 



END OF SUMMER SALE is still going on at the Etsy shop through Labor Day.  Don't wait till the last minute, get 25% off your purchase and free shipping!  Use coupon code SUMMER25

New At Pulp Sushi - Hurricane Survival Edition

Survived Hurricane Irene! Actually it was more like Tropical Storm Irene.  Actually it was just a whole lot of rain. I am  very fortunate through, I got to just hang out at home all weekend.  Didn't lose power or get flooded.  Watched a lot of Dr Who and did computer stuff.   I know there are others near by who may not have been so lucky.   But because there was a lot of flooding, the trains are down and I got word late last night to not come to the office today so looks like I'm home one extra day!

I have a lot of stuff coming up in September so I also spent the weekend just getting it all together.  More on that on a later date. =)  I just wanted to share my newest item to the Etsy shop...

A new Red Flower Brooch this time including candy jade beads.  The flower was hand painted.  Can you believe it was originally a bright neon green?   The last red brooch sold pretty quickly so I wanted to get another to the shop pronto!

END OF SUMMER SALE is still going on at the Etsy shop through Labor Day.  Don't wait till the last minute, get 25% off your purchase and free shipping!  Use coupon code SUMMER25

Friend of After Nine to Five

Screen shot 2011-08-26 at 7.39.01 PM
Hey who is that peeking over at After Nine To Five? Why that's me! Yesterday I was Ashley's "New Friend Friday" - go check it out if you haven't already.

I don't usually post on Saturdays but there's a Hurricane heading towards the North East and usually I don't care, it turns out to be nothing but this time everyone is making a huge dead. I still feel like where I live will be ok but I really hope it turns out to be just another storm and nothing more serious. My family still lives in NYC which is suppose to get hit worst than where I live further upstate.  But we're all tough cookies, I know we're prepared in the event we have to stay home all weekend (which I wouldn't mind anyway as long as we  have power).  But if you're reading this and you're in Hurricane Irene's path - BE SAFE!!!

End of Summer SALE at Pulp Sushi

As August is winding down, starting today I am having an End Of Summer  Sale at the Etsy shop.  Take 25% off your order when you use coupon code SUMMER25 during check out and you'll also get FREE SHIPPING!   That's right, I want to clean out my inventory for the Fall/Winter season.  This sale will last through Labor Day weekend so jump on it!

So visit the Etsy shop take your time and look around (you have 90+ items to choose from) and don't forget your free gift when you purchase $40 or more!

Vanilla Sakura Candle

Today Is A Special Day

Today is August 25th and I have a lot to celebrate today.

Ten years ago today I went on my first date with Mike.   We hit it off so well online and over the phone that there was no awkwardness when we met in person.  We were so cool!  Concerts, tattoo conventions, horror conventions...This was before we turned into the grumpy old men from the Muppet Show which is what we are now. So yay Happy Anniversary Mike! We have a dinner date tonight and we both took off of work tomorrow.


Ten years ago my Aunt (Grandmother's sister) passed away which made me had to cut my first date with Mike short.  She was suffering from Alzheimers for years and was pretty much a vegetable at this point.  The end of her suffering was blessing and relief not only for her but also for my Mother and Grandmother. I'm certain she is in a better place now.


One year ago today was when I had open-heart surgery to fix my aneurysm.  It was a very surreal experience that I sometimes still can't believe actually happened until I look in the mirror and see that oh so lovely scar on my chest.  I was freaked out by it for a while but I'm over it and don't care who sees it or if they stare at it. I don't mind talking about it if anyone asks but I think people are afraid to.  


I wish I can tell you that I DO treat each day like it's my birthday. I get out of bed every morning with the sincerest intentions of doing so. Some days are more challenging than others. Overall I am thankful for my life and my health - even if I continues to experience some funky side effects since the surgery.

Coming out of this has changed my attitude especially when it came to Pulp Sushi. Before I was hesitant to consider it MY BUSINESS at the risk of coming across as a fool, screw that! I put a lot of work into this, you damn right is my business and I'm not ashamed to say it.   *THANK YOU* to everyone who has supported the shop(s) and left feedback on my work, it is all always greatly appreciated. XOXO!

DIY Tutorial 8.24 - Food Edition

Ok everybody, get a napkin out because you'll be drooling over this week's tutorials which are all FOOD related, YUM!

Bananamuffin4 Banana & White Chocolate Muffins! Can you think of anything more tasty right now?  Brought to you from Duni's Studio in Germany - Klingt lecker!


Zucchini Pound Cake from I Am Baker with lots of yummy visuals

Blueberry quonia breakfast

Breakfast Quinoa Recipe from Sunshine & Carousels which looks really refreshing and probably good any time of the day.

Onward & Upward Workshop - Register TODAY!

O&U_headerSometimes things don't go quite the way you plan and you think you're destined for one path but life has something else in store for you. Making this adjustment can be a little daunting. Amy Schubert from Lemons & Raspberry wants to help you with your first steps by offering her new online workshop Onward & Upward which she was kind enough to share a little more about here (and even offer you Pulp Sushi reader a registration discount - keep reading) :)

How did the idea of Onward & Upward come about?
Once, about a year ago, someone close to me made a crack about my ‘day job. Now, I’m definitely a sarcastic person and 99 times out of 100 I can totally take whatever I dish out. But this time was different. This time it hurt. Not just because it was true. This little jab from someone close to me hurt because it was something I had been thinking myself and was kind of ashamed of.

She was joking about how what I do for work doesn’t make a difference to anyone. Which is absolutely true … and exactly what I was thinking when I started working on this class material. We all have work we were put on this earth to do – and it’s time to really discover what that is and act on it. I’ve been brainstorming about Onward and Upward ever since then.

What is your professional background?
I have years and years of critical studies training (including a Masters degree in English), years and years of customer service work and years and years of editorial/PR/copywriting experience. I also have a background in performance, blogging and photography. So, pretty much you could say I'm well-rounded.

Where has this passion for helping others come from?
I grew up in a Christian family, and spent a lot of time as part of our local church. Between volunteering for child care, being involved in the high school group there and all the other extra church-related activities my family was involved in, I spent much of my youth learning the value of serving others.

Then in college I kind of fell into a customer service call center job. It turns out I have an aptitude for customer service and I’ve found I’m meant to help people.

What will someone take away from this workshop?
Ideally, someone would finish the workshop a little less lost, a little more self-confident and a little more fearless than when she started. Or more than “a little” … You can check out the workshop breakdown here.

Beyond just the workshop material, there are plans in place to really encourage connecting, interacting and building relationships with the other workshop attendees. By investing your efforts in the workshop, you should be able to walk away with a new online friend or 2 who understand you and can act as your cheerleader!

Was there a time in your life when you needed a O&U workshop yourself?
Um. Always. Still. This is a never-ending process which is why I am intentionally calling this a WORKSHOP rather than a class. Yes, we’ll learn specific productivity techniques, insight about ourselves, about how to figure out our true passion but mostly we’ll be working through the material together – and finding encouragement and accountability in others going through similar situations or struggles.

PULP SUSHI READER DISCOUNT: Good through Labor Day, enter discount code "SUSHI" for a $15 discount when you register 



A little more about Amy & Lemon and Raspberry
I am a writer and a photographer offering tips and inspiration for small business owners and bloggers. I want etsy sellers to improve their product images, I want teachers to improve their sales copy, I want bloggers to grow their audience. Any thing I can do to help you achieve your dream with your blog or small creative business, I am happy to help you with.

At LandR she blog tips and inspiration for creative people – including photography resources, blogging resources, and photos of my messy workspace. I want to encourage everyone to do their best work and accomplish their goals. I believe everyone has big things to accomplish and I want to help them break out of their daily rut and do it! I really want to do GREAT WORK and help others do the same – I think that is the heart of my blog.

*NEW* Small Clutch Bags

In case you missed the announcement over the weekend, a new vendor has been added to Pulp Sushi - H+J Star Creations from Rye, NY. Using exquisite and unique fabrics,these are great items for gifts or for yourself at very affordable prices.   Really excited to have them on board. 


Thanks for the nice comments left in my last post about my Glamour Ghoul necklace, I'm glad it's well received. :)

New at Pulp Sushi - Glamour Ghouls!

I did not want to wait to post on Monday - because I have another post schehduled then ;)

There's no way I can explain my thought process when I make an item.  Sometimes an idea will hit me like a bolt of lightning, why didn't I think of this sooner????  The other night I was standing at my work table just staring at the mess, I do this a lot.  I was looking at this light blue skull cameo wondering just what on earth am I going to do with this?  *Cue the lightning* the phrase "Glamour Ghoul" popped in my head. I don't know if I had heard this term before or what but I thought "YES!!!!!!" and started scrounging for more blue and white goodies and ta-da!

Glamour Ghoul necklace is created! Put is simply, this necklace is Breakfast At Tiffany's meets Dawn Of The Dead.  I know I am not the first person to bring skeleton and flowers together but hell, why not?  I always say I wanted to bring my ecclectic tastes together and I think this shows it nicely.  I'm really proud and excited about this piece.  Hope you like it, or find it interesting. :)

Etsy Treasuries by Moi

I've been on an inspirational roll lately curating some fun treasuries, so here are two treasuries I made this week.  I hope you'll check these items out.



Happy Friday! I hope you have something fun planned for this weekend!