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It's a bonus shop update! With me having an extra day off from work yesterday due to the hurricane fix up the area is going through, it allowed me to post a couple more items to the shops after I posted here yesterday. Click images to take you to item listings on Etsy. Autumn is definitely on the brain. :) END OF SUMMER SALE is still going on at the Etsy shop through Labor Day. Don't wait till the last... Read more →

Survived Hurricane Irene! Actually it was more like Tropical Storm Irene. Actually it was just a whole lot of rain. I am very fortunate through, I got to just hang out at home all weekend. Didn't lose power or get flooded. Watched a lot of Dr Who and did computer stuff. I know there are others near by who may not have been so lucky. But because there was a lot of flooding, the trains are down and I got... Read more →

Hey who is that peeking over at After Nine To Five? Why that's me! Yesterday I was Ashley's "New Friend Friday" - go check it out if you haven't already. I don't usually post on Saturdays but there's a Hurricane heading towards the North East and usually I don't care, it turns out to be nothing but this time everyone is making a huge dead. I still feel like where I live will be ok but I really hope it... Read more →

As August is winding down, starting today I am having an End Of Summer Sale at the Etsy shop. Take 25% off your order when you use coupon code SUMMER25 during check out and you'll also get FREE SHIPPING! That's right, I want to clean out my inventory for the Fall/Winter season. This sale will last through Labor Day weekend so jump on it! So visit the Etsy shop take your time and look around (you have 90+ items to... Read more →

Today is August 25th and I have a lot to celebrate today. Ten years ago today I went on my first date with Mike. We hit it off so well online and over the phone that there was no awkwardness when we met in person. We were so cool! Concerts, tattoo conventions, horror conventions...This was before we turned into the grumpy old men from the Muppet Show which is what we are now. So yay Happy Anniversary Mike! We have... Read more →

Ok everybody, get a napkin out because you'll be drooling over this week's tutorials which are all FOOD related, YUM! Banana & White Chocolate Muffins! Can you think of anything more tasty right now? Brought to you from Duni's Studio in Germany - Klingt lecker! Zucchini Pound Cake from I Am Baker with lots of yummy visuals Breakfast Quinoa Recipe from Sunshine & Carousels which looks really refreshing and probably good any time of the day. Read more →

Sometimes things don't go quite the way you plan and you think you're destined for one path but life has something else in store for you. Making this adjustment can be a little daunting. Amy Schubert from Lemons & Raspberry wants to help you with your first steps by offering her new online workshop Onward & Upward which she was kind enough to share a little more about here (and even offer you Pulp Sushi reader a registration discount -... Read more →

In case you missed the announcement over the weekend, a new vendor has been added to Pulp Sushi - H+J Star Creations from Rye, NY. Using exquisite and unique fabrics,these are great items for gifts or for yourself at very affordable prices. Really excited to have them on board. Thanks for the nice comments left in my last post about my Glamour Ghoul necklace, I'm glad it's well received. :) Read more →

I did not want to wait to post on Monday - because I have another post schehduled then ;) There's no way I can explain my thought process when I make an item. Sometimes an idea will hit me like a bolt of lightning, why didn't I think of this sooner???? The other night I was standing at my work table just staring at the mess, I do this a lot. I was looking at this light blue skull cameo... Read more →