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It's the end of the month and if you missed some of my Blog Sponsor Sweetie posts, here they are : Just Because by LeeLee, Ms Bitty Knacks, The Nerdy Elephant (Fmr Sincerely,Putdar), After Nine To Five, Julie Ann Art, One Avian Daemon, Bibeez Baby, Hot Glue Hangover, Oh Yeah Cat Heads, Eden's Song, Cassia's Kitchen, Holly Bobb I wanted to take a moment to give a special thanks to those who participated in a blog ad swap with me... Read more →

What I Love: Gray=Good

It's a pretty grey day here in New York. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain. Grass is looking brown everywhere, ick. So yes, sometimes grey is a good thing, or in this case, "Gray" - since I get the spelling of the two mixed up all the time. I just wanted to share some of my favorite gray images from Pinterest, it doesn't have to be depressing. Eye candy for Friday, enjoy your weekend! Source: via Marilyn... Read more →

Stephanie's passion for organics grew into her business, Eden Song, where she is always striving for perfection. Her unbending purist attitude towards raw living edible natural organic ingredients has drawn clients from around the world, inspiring her to be the best she can be, and she is grateful for each and every one of you! Read more →

As Pulp Sushi continues to grow, I would like to be able to share the talent that has gone on this new journey with my new shop. So let's have it, meet Molly Shoelace! Her whimsical, colorful motifs are inspired by her notebook doodles, daydreams, visions of love, culinary adventures, and all the strange and wonderful things that happen around her each day. Naturally she would be one of the first people I would reach out to about selling some... Read more →

Bibeez Baby more than just kid stuff. You'll also find super cute clutches, coin purses and bags. Bibeez Baby is all about quality, custom creations that we use everyday. A hooded towel that is larger and more absorbent, a bib that has snaps instead of hook and loop closure, burp cloths that have flair and are super soft; all handmade for your custom order. Read more about Frances and her business at her Bibeezbaby Blog and Etsy shop Read more →

I survived the heatwave and made it out in one piece! This week is suppose to be a little bit better I hope. It's time to share the latest with everyone. Click the images to take you to Pulp Sushi dot com but you will also find these items listed on Etsy too. I made a new banner for the Etsy shop to tie it in with the new shop, I think it looks fun! :) I need make up... Read more →

Health and Business

I think I skipped a couple of weeks in posting about my weight-loss progress. Sorry about that. Truth is since I launched the new shop, my brain has been scattered between upping my promotion for that, my day job, Etsy that I haven't been very good at tracking my points. It's exactly what I was afraid of and what happened the last two times I was on WW. The good news is physically I am feeling better. When I first... Read more →