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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent some of it in the middle of a doggie parade where saw some real cuties... The owner is lucky I didn't swoop them up under each arm and run off. Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside. Sunday? Not so much so. I've also been playing with my Kitschy Digital set again, I might need an intervention with the Photoshopping. Anyway, the point of this post is... Read more →

Every morning I take a train into Manhattan and the ride is over an hour long. Some days I just sleep through it, other days I really soak it in because it is a very scenic commute. I brought my camera with me the other day. It's hard to photograph in a moving train. The transition between seeing this into getting off in Midtown Manhattan chaos is pretty drastic. But it's nice to know you don't have to go too... Read more →

*yes I'm still listening to my German podcasts - we're finally doing numbers. My plans for Saturday were a little botched because the weather seemed a bit unpredictable. It was going to entail a little road trip to a flea market up at Rhinebeck before the Bake Off. That didn't happen but the option to go Sunday was still there. By Saturday night I was so tired and full from all the delicious food I had consumed, I said to... Read more →

There was a Cookie Bake-Off at Clay, Wood & Cotton this weekend. I was hoping I could be a judge but I'm glad I wasn't. It would have been too hard to pick a winner. Maybe next year I will enter if I start practicing now. :) Do you like the tape? I downloaded them from Puglypixel. I'm not one for actual scrapbooking but I do enjoy adding a little flair to my photos for my blog. :) And speaking... Read more →

Flickr Favorites - FROGS!

I kind of hit a Flickr Favorites BLOCK this week, I want to continue doing themes but couldn't think of one. What did I do? I posted on my Facebook and Twitter for suggestions and someone said frogs. At first I thought "Frogs????" but then figured why not, let's put a quirky spin to it and it turned out to be quite fun. Don't you agree? 1. Kissing Frogs, 2. Being Kermit the Frog., 3. Rozen the Red Eyed Tree... Read more →

I am pretty bummed out today after I found out that Peter Steele, the singer for Type O Negative has died last night. The first time I saw them was in 1990 and right away I thought "Damn! He's hot! Who is that?!?!!!" But not only was I drawn to his presence, the music was really good and his voice was utterly hypnotic. I saw them quite a few times being a local band (Brooklyn, NY) and well known in... Read more →

Saturday I stopped by Dream In Plastic for their Art for Autism reception and silent auction. Needless to say, I wanted to buy about 90% of the items in the store but I held off. Next time. I recently became acquainted with the ladies that run the shop, Diana & Jen, from doing the Social Pariah Festival a couple of weeks back. Very nice girls and their shop is fun to be in. No you don't usually drink in the... Read more →

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend I went through my dice bead stash and this is what happened.... Heading to Vegas any time soon? They might bring you some luck. I also made a pair in red, orange, and blue. I just didn't get around to photographing them for the shop yet. Click images for the Etsy listings. The bracelet was TOO fun to make. As I was making it, my boyfriend said "Don't go too crazy with the dice." And... Read more →