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More plant help...please?

It's been a while since I have asked for assistance with my green thumb. I'm still no expert but I think I've been doing pretty good.  I have a plant that sits on top of my bookcase. I love her, she's HUGE! I call her Big Mama


The other day I decided that it may be time to turn her around. She's pretty high up so I reached up to grab her, happen to look at her soil and *gasp*


What's this white stuff? Is Big Mama sick???  Do I need to change the soil? The leaves and vines on her look fine.  I water her once a week and that has been the routine for almost three years now.   Could it be the tap water? Too many minerals in it?

An Ode To SUSHI!!!

Having a business named Pulp Sushi can confuse some people. When I've handed out my card, people thought I was in the sushi making business, no.  They think I make sushi inspired jewelry, yes and no. I have had sushi-related items but it's not what my shop is about.  You gotta admit, sushi makes for a great DIY project and wanted to showcase some great items I found on Etsy & DaWanda of sushi-inspired items...

Sushi soap sampler from Bunny Bubbles.

Sushi felt roll pin from Sypria.

Picture 2  

Felt sushi kids lunch set from LittleCrafttage (quite a few sushi items found here).

Who wants some Hamachi now? I do!

Halloween already?

Widow1 Flwr4

I know, you may not be in the mood for skulls and creepy crawlies but for some of us, this is the norm no matter how long the sun is out or how many flowers are in bloom, so this is for you! Both added today at Etsy and DaWanda.

IMG_7751 IMG_7749
*click for larger view*

How cute is this? This is one of my new display pieces coming soon to an event near you! Well...if you're in Brooklyn that is. Anyway, I commissioned the boyfriend to prime and paint this for me.  He does a nice job.  Anyone looking for fun jewelry display/storage? He might be able to help! :)

Told you more necklaces were coming!

Pinkrose1 Blackhrt1

A couple more ball chain necklaces have been added to both the Etsy and DaWanda shops.   I'm also testing out a new site where you can buy and sell pop culture and music inspired fashion & accessories created by indie designers and bands. I was  contacted by them asking if I would be interested.  The site is JellyFiz and it is 100% free to set up shop and sell. No fees.  The site makes money from those who commission them for silkscreening purposes (ie: bands who need t-shirts made). So the price is right, I figured why not?  I'll start slow and post a few items.  You can check out my storefront here.

More and more of these sites are popping up that I'm passing on. I set up an account with Mintd but I totally can't remember if I have posted anything on there. See how bad I am? Outside of Etsy and DaWanda, has anyone had any success on these other sites that have popped up like Artfire and 1000markets?  I know that Modish's Biz Tips had an entry about it recently.  It can be a headache to keep track of everything. It is hard enough to keep my Etsy and DaWanda shops consistent which is why I'm taking JellyFiz slow. While more exposure is good, it means double or maybe even triple the promotion time. If you think you can handle it (and have the time) then it's great!

KnitKnit on Martha Stewart TODAY!

I don't usually watch Martha Stewart and if I know someone will be on, I usually try to catch a video clip of them online afterward but being that I am home today, I will be able to check out my fellow team member Nguyen from KnitKnit who will make a quickie appearance on Martha Stewart today.  You can read about her experience on her blog, KnitKnitknits

Today's episode will feature knitting and crocheting, two things that are foreign to me.  Nguyen's postcards will be featured...


Aren't they cute? They are also available in her etsy shop along with other neat knitted patterns, jewelry, and more. Make sure you tune in!

No necklaces today!

Seems like I've been making A LOT of necklaces (and there's more to come!) but I wanted to share some non-neckware that has recently been added to



Leopard1 Rdice2

You can also find these in my DaWanda shop which has had a bunch of stuff added recently too.

It is a gorgeous Saturday and already I have indulged myself with a farmer's market, a stroll around town, and a chocolate bar.  Tonight, I'm going to watch the Suburbia Roller Derby kick some butt and hopefully hear some good tunes. The sound system in this place is not the greatest which is a shame because the DJ is pretty awesome.

Save The Date(s)

It's about that time to really get cracking on the craft shows for the year and I'm starting to get my dates lined up now.  Ideally, I would like to have at least one event a month but some months will be trickier than others. 


Pulp Sushi is returning to The Brooklyn Indie Market on Saturday April 11th (the day before Easter). You will find me under the big red and white tent. Let's hope I won't be as cold as I was back in November, brrrr!!!

The Cavalcade is back!!! The first big NewNew event of the year will be Mother's Day weekend (May 9 & 10) in Brooklyn.  Pulp Sushi will be only be there Saturday only.  Some of the vendors will be there both days, others are just doing one date so you won't see all of the same vendors on both days. What a great excuse to check it out both days!

In August, I will be doing Rust Riot up in Putnam Valley, NY with some of the folks I did the Social Pariah show with. More live music, cool vendors, derby girls, classic cars, art show, ACK! So much stuff! It will get it's own entry with more details to come.

From one Fab to another


Thank you to Ms. Vanessa over at Paper Chick for rewarding this blog. I don't update as frequently as I have a few months ago but I try, I really do.  So to follow her lead, I too will list 5 things I think are fabulous, and 5 people to pass the award to.

1. Sushi! Duh! Believe it or not, this was only within the last couple of years but I love it now.

2. My Blackberry: Because it's pink and slowly replacing the attention I give my boyfriend.

3. White Hot Chocolate from Antoinette's Patisserie (just had one today, mmmmmmmmm)

4. Etsy! Of course! And it's not because it has help launch my shop but because I have met so many wonderful people as a result, including joining The {NewNew} team.

5. Cookie Dough, especially in ice cream, especially Friendly's Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

This is the hard part because it is difficult to only choose five, after some thought, the five will be....

1. Jen @ Upstate Fancy

2. Stacy @ Nonpareil

3. Julia @ The Spotted Sparrow

4. Katrina @ Pugly Feet

5. Estela @ Life Of A Bird

Soaps for me, soaps for you!

I have to say my skin has been feeling great! The last soaps I tried out were from SpaTherapy.  I got two bars: Raspberry Sorbet and Cranberry Apple.  I really, really, really liked the Raspberry Sorbet.   The Cranberry Apple was nice too but the cranberry seeds I wasn't too crazy about.  I had seeds all over the tub when I was done.   Both bars lather nicely.

Next up, Black Raspberry Vanilla from Morgan Street Patisserie...


I first discovered Morgan Street at a show I did back in November and her soaps looked really good. I meant to pick some up at the time. I noticed she had soap that looked like pieces of cake.  Fearing that  I would end up eating it, I decided to get a bar. Love it! I feel like I'm saying the same thing for everyone but really, my skin has never felt better in my life!