If only I can spend a couple of days a week sitting in a coffee shop for hours. I would be writing draft posts for my blog, working on my e-book, sketching jewelry ideas and brain storming some witty tweets to promote them. However, that's not the case. None of that is happening. I blame the Summer. The Summer makes me feel laaaaaaazy. I'm seeing a shift in blogging. Do you see it? I'm reading more posts about how bloggers... Read more

It appears that when I go for my July visits to the city, a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in order. This year's big fashion exhibit is China: Through The Looking Glass and it was stunning. It depicts how traditional Chinese design has impacted on Western fashion over the years. A truly inspiring exhibit which is also pretty big as it takes up three floors of the museum. The exhibit ends September 7th so if you're planning... Read more

Oooh I love quickies! (What??) I mean quick and easy tutorials especially to something as complex as Google Analytics. One of the things I do for Typepad is I help out with their blog, Everything Typepad. Every month I share a tutorial for our bloggers. Yesterday I posted my latest article which is about using Google Analytics. Since using GA is not limited to just Typepad bloggers, I wanted to give it a plug here as well as there are... Read more

Yay fireworks, sparklers, BBQs and all that good stuff! I hope you enjoy the day America! I guess we have some pretty cool stuff to celebrate this year like the right to marry who you want, anywhere in the damn country now! Seriously, why did it take us so long? I'm actually working today but I don't mind. I am working in my pajamas and should be finished later this afternoon anyway. Do you have any fun plans today? While... Read more

It's a big year for Etsy as they celebrate 10 years being in business. I opened my shop a year after they launched on June 29, 2006 and had my first sale a couple of weeks later. It wasn't even jewelry! It was a small notepad where I changed the cover using some funky stock paper. I didn't stick to stationery. I tried a couple of things before the jewelry took off. I've come a long way! If you've been... Read more