I'm in the middle of planning our city visit this weekend and that planning involves what we can do without spending much money. We are usually in the Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea area when we're in town and while New York can be expensive, your stay doesn't have to be. This post is going to be FULL of links to older posts because I tend to write about our stays a lot. We sleep on my parents couch so we... Read more

I'm going to make this short and sweet. I was happy with how Mad Men ended last night. My Twitter feed blew up with a lot of WTFs and hate. Not me, I was at peace with the ending, just like the peace Don must have felt at the end (which is what I tweeted). I love this show so much, I was happy to see it didn't drag on until it stopped being good. I'm excited for Joan, Peggy,... Read more

I mentioned back at the start of the year that I was getting my act together and do something about my weight and overall health. Yeah going on those 20 degree walks was cool and all but then the snow came and it kept coming and I don't think I'm ready to be this guy.... I started with a mile a day, that's about 15 minutes. My sneakers were pretty old so I had to get some new shoes and... Read more

Whoa! Okay, that title is quite a statement and giving Buffer some props but stay with me. In addition to reworking the SEO for my Etsy listings, I've stepped up promoting my listing on Twitter. The mistake I made in the past was not sharing the same tweets enough. Maybe a couple of tweets throughout the same day the item was posted and that's it. I thought anything more would be spammy. That was foolish. I wasn't adding enough of... Read more