I was in denial. Every time I heard about the cost of shipping going up January 17, 2016, I just covered my ears and said "Lalalalalalalalalalala!!!!" I was getting the emails from Etsy, who has done a good job making sure Sellers were on top of this, I just didn't want to deal. This morning I sucked it up and updated the shipping in my shop. If you live in the United States, you won't see that much of a... Read more →

Let's start the new year with some good news! I marked down all of my charm necklaces in my Etsy shop to $16.00!! This is not a sale, no coupon code needed! Valentine's Day is just over a month away and a piece of jewelry always makes a nice gift. Give your partner a poke in the arm and tell them a cute charm necklace would make a nice gift....and dinner, don't forget dinner. So head on over to pulpsushi.etsy.com... Read more →

Well here we are. Another "New Year's" post where I set my intentions for the upcoming year. I have absolutely NO GOALS planned for my blog or my jewelry business. Neither are closing, but I am completely burnt out. I think about improving my running more than what I should make or blog about. Since Fall 2015, I have been wondering what I was going to do with my business? I thought I would lay low over the Summer but... Read more →

I know! I said I was signing off for the rest of the year but I'm currently reading The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation and read the above quote last night and it really struck me so I wanted to share. Sounds so simple doesn't it? For some people it is easier to approach each day like this, for me it's hard, really hard. Too busy thinking about what I still need to... Read more →