Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This may be the 3rd time I am sharing this Snoopy image but I can't help it, I love it so much. I just watched this other night and I love how all those freeloaders show up and they get toast and popcorn while Snoopy had a big-ass turkey sitting in his dog house waiting for everyone to leave. That's right Snoopy! Although Woodstock is so tiny, how was he able to eat all of that food?... Read more →

No shop, jewelry, or social media talk today. This month makes ONE YEAR since I went out for a walk one Monday morning and I started to jog! I haven't talked about it lately but I'm still on this fitness kick going out just about every morning to go walking/jogging/running, I wish there was one word to describe what I do..."WaJoRu?" Sure why not? My cardio has gotten SO much better! I was worried I might be pushing myself too... Read more →

How dope is this flier??? That's right, I said DOPE! This is the flier for this year's Holiday Craft Fair hosted by the Hudson Valley Etsy Team. It is one of my favorite shows to do even though I'm heavily involved in the planning, it's still a lot of fun! Have you ever tried to plan a craft fair? It's a lot of freakin' work! We are back at The Howland Cultural Center once again, such a cool place! Here's... Read more →

When asked which are my favorite form of Social Media to use for my business, I always say my top three are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest - in that order. Twitter and Instagram mainly because I can access both on my phone which I admit I check a lot and can do quickie updates when something comes up. It's great for sharing "behind the scenes" content. TWITTER Twitter continues to be my favorite way to stay tuned-in with what's going on.... Read more →

I wanted to make sure I was able to wish all of you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Since it's Friday, it is also a good time to leave you with some links to check out in honor of the best holiday of the year! From pulpsushi.com - Guest Post: Fashion With Halloween Flavors From pulpsushi.com - Guest Post: Macabre Home Decor For Halloween From Little Nostalgia - Modern Halloween Party From Hugs Are Fun - Super Easy Handmade Costumes From... Read more →