Yay fireworks, sparklers, BBQs and all that good stuff! I hope you enjoy the day America! I guess we have some pretty cool stuff to celebrate this year like the right to marry who you want, anywhere in the damn country now! Seriously, why did it take us so long? I'm actually working today but I don't mind. I am working in my pajamas and should be finished later this afternoon anyway. Do you have any fun plans today? While... Read more

It's a big year for Etsy as they celebrate 10 years being in business. I opened my shop a year after they launched on June 29, 2006 and had my first sale a couple of weeks later. It wasn't even jewelry! It was a small notepad where I changed the cover using some funky stock paper. I didn't stick to stationery. I tried a couple of things before the jewelry took off. I've come a long way! If you've been... Read more

I am so excited to announce that I now have jewelry for sale at Newburgh Mercantile in Newburgh, NY. Newburgh is just across the river from Beacon and very easy to get to. Newburgh Mercantile is a pop-up boutique within a framing shop specializing in local, unique, handmade gifts and decor ideas. Newburgh has been going through a lot of changes for the better in the last couple of years and new businesses are coming to the area, Newburgh Mercantile... Read more

Back in January, I set out my very simple intentions for 2015. I figured June would be a good time to see where I'm at and if it's even something worth writing a blog post about. 1) Lose Weight - Yeah baby! I am on point with this one! I surprised myself when I timed myself and came close to jogging for 4 minutes. You don't understand, there was a time when I didn't think I could jog for 2... Read more

How has June been for your so far? This has been a super busy month so far with a bunch of stuff going on offline, not Pulp Sushi related, I've spared you the details on. But I still make time to check out my regular blog reads and share some that I really enjoyed reading and think you would like too. Beacon is just the next town over from where I live and where I took the train out of... Read more